Zero Waste Starter Kit

As surfers and ocean lovers we can't help but be extremely concerned about the dangers of plastic and how it is negatively effecting our environment. Below we have added a few of our favorite options to get one step closer to a zero waste lifestyle. 


1. Sea Hugger Bamboo Fiber Reusable Coffee Cup 

We absolutely love this reusable bamboo fiber cup. Bamboo is a great option because it is one of the fastest growing, most sustainable crop. Once this cup is used over and over again you can always recycle it as well. In New York coffee shops usually offer a discount of .10 cents when you bring your own to-go item. 

Photo Credit: Sea Hugger 



2. Mason Jar Mugs 

This is our go-to for ice coffee, iced tea or a post surf smoothie. There are a ton of easy options that transition seamlessly from in-house use to a to-go cup. 

Photo Credit: Amazon


3. The Pasta Straw

Frustrated with your eco-friendly straw options? The pasta straw is a great eco-friendly alternative that stays strong while you drink your entire drink. 


4. Scratch Goods Face Oil 

We love a ton of the Scratch Good products but our all time favorite is the heavy face oil. It comes in an eco-friendly and recyclable glass bottle that is compact and easy to travel with. This oil is perfect for pre and post surf lessons because it has zinc and offers your skin a ton of moisture after hours in the salty water. All Scratch Goods products are made in Chicago of natural ingredients. 

Photo Credit: Scratch Goods 

5. Avasol Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is a big part of our surf lives and it is hard to find a product that is both effective and eco-friendly. Besides the two options on our website (Salt & Stone + Thank Me Later) we love Avasol because even the containers offer a plastic alternative. All of their products are ethically sourced and made in the USA. They also offer different shades so that the sunscreen can match your skin tone and blend in a bit better while lasting hours in the water. This stick is great for traveling or throwing in any beach bag all summer long. 

Photo Credit: Avasol 


6. Bamboo Utensil Kit & Holder

This Bamboo Utensil Kit is the perfect answer to using less plastic while you are on the go. It is light and easy to hold. It washes well and is a durable eco-friendly alternative. You can bring this set camping, picnicking or even just to your office for an everyday personal utensil option. 

Make sure to check out all of the great eco-friendly options Sea Hugger has. 


7. The Surf Far Glass Water Bottle 

Obviously one of our favorite alternatives to the plastic water bottle is this glass Surf Far bottle. It is durable and light. It carries well and is a perfect option when traveling. You can use the lid to clip it to a backpack or it fits easily in most purses. Our favorite thing about this bottle is that it doesn't make a loud noise if / when it tumbles over in yoga class. 


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